We started doing this in 2003, when e-bikes were very new and largely unknown. Since then, many thousands of cyclists have had their rides and lives transformed with our power-assisted bikes. We only select and sell the very best electric bikes with after-sales service and support to match. Our bikes have won races, changed lives, improved health and collected glowing reviews. When you ride an electric bike, it quickly becomes your most prized possession. We were quick to recognise this 15 years ago and now e-bikes are breaking through as the smartest way to travel. 
Ampler got a start as a fun side project. We loved playing around with bikes and technology, so we decided to see if we could build an electric bicycle that’s fun to ride.   The three founders – a professional motocross racer, an engineer and a bicycle designer – loved the process and fell in love with the first prototype, creating a feeling that this could be something bigger than a pet project.   Our initial goal was simple – getting from point A to B on a bicycle in an effortless and fun fashion. When we finally came up with the design that allowed us to fit the battery and electronics inside the frame, we were determined to make our thoughts into reality.   By now, we’ve been building electric bikes for nearly 4 years.   By supporting Ampler, you will be part of creating a shift in the world of electric bikes, where all bikes are practical, great-looking and built with quality in mind.   All Ampler bikes are hand-assembled in Tallinn and delivered to your door free of... More
Atmosphere Electric Bikes
Atmosphere have been in the forefront of the UK electric bike market for over 10 years. Its all we do !! We offer a wealth of knowledge and experience combined with a personal advice as to what will be best for you. All bikes are supplied pre built, tested and ready to ride. Big range of bikes in store in Bristol plus dedicated fully equipped workshop and hire bikes.
It was in 2005 that a group of parents started searching for the ideal cargo bike. This was also the beginning of the Babboe cargo bike, as it seemed that the ideal cargo bike wasn't yet available at that point in time. In cooperation with an engineering firm, these parents made plans to develop a qualitative and affordable cargo bike. But what’s affordable and what do other parents consider a good cargo bike? Two years later, the Babboe Big was available for purchase, a robust three-wheel cargo bike that meets all the requirements of the Babboe parents. The beginning of a flourishing business!  After the introduction of the Babboe Big, we were increasingly receiving questions regarding the development of a cargo bike with electric pedal assistance. What a great idea: always having the wind at your back, even with a loaded box! We discussed this with a few top suppliers and in 2009 we were able to present the Babboe Big with electric pedal assistance. The model was such a success that we started... More
Made by the designers of the successful Greenedge CS2, this budget electric bike range is exclusive to E-Bikes Direct.
In December 2017 we have now entered a new era for BATRIBIKE. We have created a new Company and joined in partnership with our Danish supplier, ProMovec. The new Company which takes over the brand from Fallowgate Limited is jointly owned by the Coulson family and Jesper Lundqvist, the Danish owner of ProMovec. This gives us extensive access to new research and development opportunities together with a wider manufacturing base. It also gives the Danes access to the UK market - a win-win situation for us all and one which secures the future for the BATRIBIKE® range.
Benelli has a legendary history spanning more than a century. 100 years of challenges, successes and satisfactions united by the passion for two wheels. In 1911 Teresa Benelli, widowed, invested all the capital of her family to establish a workshop and ensure a stable job for her six sons, Giuseppe, Giovanni, Filippo, Francesco, Domenico e Antonio “Tonino” Benelli. With the new capital and the synergy between Italy and China, Benelli Q.J. is currently working on the multiple projects aimed at relaunching the company of Pesaro on the world markets. In 2011 Benelli has celebrated successfully its first centenary. In the same year Benelli decided with great determination to invest also in the emerging market of electric bicycles.
Bergamont Bicycles
The growing importance of the e-bike as a means of individual transportation cannot be overstated enough. Bergamont Bicycles out of Hamburg, Germany sees itself as a part of this change in mobility and helps shaping it. Creating the perfect e-bike takes a lot more than simply strapping a motor onto a bicycle. We draw expertise from more than two decades of constructing bikes, which are first and foremost fun and easy to ride, to develop e-bikes that the rider feels instantly confident and comfortable with. No matter if you ride trails on a full suspension e-mtb or commute to work on your e-bike, both should put a smile on your face.