Hi there! We’re Swytch Technology and we are on a journey to make electric transport more accessible, affordable and widespread.


First and foremost, we believe that quality should be at the heart of every design. At Swytch Technology, we take pride in our roots as a team of British engineers with years of experience in the electric bike conversion industry. We understand the importance of simplicity, whilst not compromising on the materials and finish of our products. This has ultimately allowed us to achieve our goals as a company but with our customers still at the forefront of our minds.


Our Swytch products are fun to use and we have really loved developing them! Throughout the process, we have embraced and valued the diverse knowledge, skills and ideas from everyone around us. A lot of our incredible progress was a direct result of these interactions!


We have engineering excellence at the core of our company and we continually want to improve and aim for the best in all areas – Innovation and Invention, Customer Service and Aftercare.


We are grateful for all of the support we have received and are dedicated to delivering our promise of quality to every customer, in the hope that more people will choose to Swytch!